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Mum's 60th Birthday album - to be done in 1 and 1/2 months.

My mum is turning 60 this year. I am going to do an album for her to cover her life in 60 years. Yesterday I spent the day sorting through all her photos (took a few hours), some mixed altogether in boxes. I then separated some photos for her 60th album. Also went through albums putting post it notes on pages to scan photos onto computer.

Today (29th May 14) I scanned photos onto computer. I discovered on the back of some of the photos dates and little stories she had written about what was happening/or who were in the photos or what year. So scanned the back of the photos too. If there were dates in the album took a quick little note and scanned it too. Then went through some of my photos in albums found some of mum and scanned those too.

My thoughts for mum's album is to do a page a year, for the earlier years there might not be that many, then I can do some double pages later on, especially when I get around to sorting through the photos from the digital ca…